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Simple to use

Not everyone is a computer fan, and we have made Geolist© simple and fast to make campaigns as straightforward as possible. It really is at the click of a button! Need support? Click here

Specify exact local areas

No more guessing. No more duplication drops. Geolist© reports will tell you exactly how many homes or businesses are within your target area. You can increase the size of your area to the size of a county or decrease to one side of a street. Geolist© can take into account local council wards, school catchment areas and franchise tender boundaries to name but a few.


Better quality data

If you have an existing database Geolist© can link to your existing data, layering your information over the top of our geographical and demographical intelligence. This in turn improves the quality of your data by filling in blanks and adding an extra dimension to your current CRM data. This can be anything from standard industry codes (SIC) to data fields unique to you.

Mail shot delivery at the click of a button!

Geolist© offers the entire mailshot process at the click of a button. Customise your target area, gather data, upload your artwork, and Geolist© will print and deliver.


Fully adaptable application

We want to constantly enhance Geolist© so that it will meet all your unique business marketing requirements. Let us know your business needs and we will look at the feasibility of adapting it specifically to you.

Earn revenue through Geolist©

Geolist© has its own white label facility so you can offer its commercial benefits to your own clients. Through a license agreement businesses can embed the application on their existing websites with their own branding. A fantastic opportunity for companies looking to win new business and cement existing contracts!

A one stop shop for all your local business direct marketing campaigns, we know you will be pleased to find Geolist© has all the power to enhance campaign results. By integrating the latest satellite technology with Royal Mail PAF (Postcode Address file) this speedy and simple to use application can pinpoint the exact local areas you wish to market and give you a unique feedback of all the businesses and homes in that area. Not only can you tailor specific areas but if you choose we can also print, design and deliver your promotional mail-outs too!
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Precise targeted local data increases sales and leads in direct marketing campaigns.
Focused marketing prevents wastage and duplication- saving you time and money!
All your marketing needs − data, leads, publishing, support and delivery in one easy-to-manage application!
White Label licensing facility provides a rich additional revenue stream for your business.
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