Can I only create areas which are local to me?

No. You can select areas throughout the UK. When you first log in you will see the map has automatically focussed on the address you gave when you first registered. By using the zoom tool on the left of the map you can view all geographical areas in the UK. This is especially useful if your business has more than one base throughout the country.

Does my business have to be the centre of each geographical selection?

No. You can make your selection from anywhere within the UK map.

Does Geolist© allow me to create selections in Europe?

Not at the moment but as Geolist© continues to expand and grow this may be one facility we will be considering for the future.

How do I use the polygon tool in the map area?

Log in to your dashboard. The different shaped tools are a third of the way down the page in the centre. Click on the polygon tool (far left) and hover over where you want to begin your selection. Click once to begin creating your area. As you move your cursor it will create a straight line. This will be one boundary of your area. When you have selected your area click twice and the start point and end point will join to create a closed area.

How do I select one side of a given street?

Use the Precision tool. It allows you to see where the postcode sit on a Google map.

How do I zoom in and out?

To zoom in and out use the vertical tool on the left of the map. Click on the centre plunger. If it is moved downwards you will zoom out, if you move up it will zoom in.

How do I make orders from my selection?

Once you have selected your area click on my lists. Here you will see the selection you have just created. At the far right end of the selection you will see "menu". If you click on the small wheel you will see various options. When you click on "Add to cart" you will be given the option to customise and forward your order.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes and if you are a regular user we will set you up your own 30 day trading account.

Will I see the mail-outs before they are delivered?

Yes, once we have created your mail-outs they will be forwarded to your inbox to ensure you are happy with the final print.

What if I am not happy with the standard of the mail-outs?

Your satisfaction in any printed material being sent out is essential. You can contact us by return email and any changes will be made.

How do I know the mail-outs have been delivered?

A full report is emailed to you showing you the full details of where the mailings have gone.

What is the time frame for the mail-outs to be delivered?

How urgent do you need to get the mailing out? Allow 3 to 4 days for the item to land but if you need it faster than that this can also be arranged.

What control do I have over the artwork of the mail-outs?

You are fully in control. You can use our in-house design team or we can work with your current designer.

How can I use Geolist© for my clients?

Geolist©'s great asset is its flexibility. It can be useful for a wide selection of industries and non-commercial enterprise as an extra digital service for their own clients. The application can be embedded on your website under the branding of your company for a small license fee. To find out more contact us on +44 (0)1256 382065 Or fill in the contact form here

Can I change my delivery area selection once publishing has commenced?

Yes, this is no problem while publishing is taking place.

Do I have to pay a licensing fee?

Yes, to find out individual costs for licensing click here.

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