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You will find one of the great assets of Geolist© is that it is so flexible

Geolist© can be used to super-power direct mail marketing processes by commercial and non-commercial organisations in an unlimited variety of industries and business sectors. To give a better idea of how adaptable Geolist© can be, take a look at some of our case studies below:

Estate Agents

The precise localisation capabilities unique to Geolist© allow estate agents to access specific targeted data within any catchment and subsequently add a brand new dynamic to marketing campaigns. Geolist© will also complement current promotion processes by offering estate agents the opportunity to drill down and pinpoint their target market with ease.

For instance, with Geolist© estate agents can now accurately highlight geographical areas and properties which are most likely to be in greatest demand to clients searching for housing. This potent information can be coupled with cutting edge promotional materials to enlighten homeowners that their properties are sought after and hence instigate highly lucrative business relationships.

Clubs, restaurants and societies

Geolist© is able to highlight general geographical areas, school or housing catchment areas, franchise or tender boundaries so that business management can clearly specify exact areas where their target market is to be found - the right audience - no wastage.

Clearly Geolist© is essential for local clubs, restaurants, societies and similar establishments who all tend to have their own primary catchment area. By accessing rich local data, businesses can slash marketing processes and costs. Whether it is to keep customers and prospective clients aware of up-coming events, changes to services or new offers and discounts business managers can enhance loyalty, increase future footfall and raise revenue through mail-outs and promotional material.

Marketing and PR Agencies

Marketing or PR agencies use Geolist© to acquire their own data and streamline direct mail processes and as a service for their own clients. What’s more, through a Geolist© licence they can embed the application very simply onto their own website with their own branding.

Local councils

Geolist© offers the facility whereby local councils can input their own data into the application and more focussed, targeted information can be drawn out as a result. For instance, this may assist the council when researching individual housing or educational catchment areas.

Local Trades

Geolist© is an essential tool for local traders needing to promote themselves with mail-outs and promotional materials. Now for the first time, plumbers, electricians and a multitude of other businesses, shop-fronts and trades can access their local target market more dynamically and enhance leads sales and promotional capabilities at the click of a button. No need for guessing where your future target market may be placed - with Geolist© you can narrow it down to exact areas. In this way there is no need for blanket campaigns which often produce poor value return on investment. There is little wastage as delivery is focused and there is no duplication. The result is powerful leads, ability to focus on best customer areas and an enhanced return on investment.


One of the greatest features of Geolist© is targeting customised geographical areas. It can also target individual wards. So for the MP or prospective parliamentary candidate who is considering mailing constituents at the beginning of a political campaign, the Geolist© web based tool is both cost effective and informative. Simply highlight the areas you wish to concentrate on, upload the artwork for your political campaign and Geolist© will publish and deliver. Job done!

Your Story

The case studies listed above just give a taste of how the exclusive features of Geolist© can be adapted easily to many geographical data marketing roles - we have only touched the surface of its real potential. Matched with your imagination and marketing expertise - we know - once you start exploring its startlingly fresh features you will find it indispensable. We love to hear about how customers have benefitted from Geolist©. Why not send us your own case study summarising how Geolist© has helped you?

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