Start Your Mail-Out Now!

Now Geolist© has found your local target market we can send mail-shots out to everyone, or as many businesses or homeowners as you want us to! To get your campaign started:

  1. 1

    To see you selection click on My Lists

  2. 2

    The individual selections show total area in miles and total homeowners and businesses found in that area. Click on Menu for options.

  3. 3

    You will see 6 options. You can rename, print end email your list to another person. The most important buttons are "View report" and "Add to cart"

    • View report: This allows you to see full information about your target area so you can make an informed choice on how much of the area will be included in your campaign.

    • Add to cart: A pop-up window allows you to choose the exact percentage of the area you wish to cover. Geolist© will instantly calculate the cost for each focused area you decide upon. To buy just click "Add to Cart"!

  4. 4

    Upload your PDF print-ready artwork and we'll do the rest.

  5. 5

    Job done!

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